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엄격한 자체관리 시스템으로 선정된 강사님들을 지금 바로 만나보세요.
원스탑에듀의 원어민 강사는 유럽, 필리핀, 북미로 구성되어 있어, 학습자의 선택의 폭을 넓혔습니다.

  • Nicole (Nikoletta G)

    Hello, my name is Nicole. I have extensive experience teaching English to different age groups, from young children to adults.
    I have lead language trainings on various topics. My number 1 rule in class is to Laugh and Learn together. I am always excited to meet new students.

  • Marija

    Hello, my name is Marija. I studied English Philology and I have experience in working with students of all age.
    I've had groups of elder people and I have been a volunteer teacher for young children and teenagers.
    I love dancing, reading, traveling and meeting new people, so I’m really looking forward to meeting you and being your teacher.

  • Nelina

    Hello, my name is Nellie and I am an online English teacher at 1StopEdu. I have a university degree in Applied Linguistics and long experience in teaching English to adults and children.
    I love meeting new people from all over the world. I can't wait to learn with you!

  • Inna

    I’m Inna. I graduated from a university in the UK and I lived there for many years. I started teaching a year ago and I’ve been loving my job from day one. In my free time I like to travel and I’ve been to most European countries. I’d love to be your teacher and I can’t wait to meet you!

  • Maria

    Hello! My name is Maria and I have a Master’s Degree in English Linguistics. I have vast experience teaching English to different kinds of people.
    Now I am studying Cultural Anthropology, because I love cultural diversity. It will be a pleasure to meet you and to learn interesting things about your countries. In exchange I will give my best to help you improve your English. Let’s learn together!

  • Nikki (Nikoleta N)

    Hello! My name is Niki. I have experience working with young learners as well as adults. I have also worked with Cambridge First (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced (CAE) students.
    I like reading, writing and drawing. I am excited to be your English teacher.

  • Krisi

    Hi, I’m Kristina. I have studied in London and have a degree in Linguistics. I love languages - spelling and grammar being my obsession.
    I have worked with children of different age groups for several years.
    I am also completing a second degree in Law. In my spare time I love doing yoga, going out with friends, travelling and reading. I look forward to meeting you very soon, we will have loads of fun while we learn!

  • Dayana

    Hi,My name is Dayana and I am an English teacher. I finished my English philology degree and I can’t wait to meet you! In my free time I love sports, reading books and watching movies ! We will have a lot of fun during our classes. See you, guys soon!

  • Katya (Katya)

    Hello! My name is Katya and I am excited to meet you.
    I have experience teaching adult learners.
    I recently got my Master’s Degree in English Linguistics.
    I always had passion to share my knowledge with others and to learn from them too.
    If I can describe a teacher’s role I will quote Robert Frost: “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”.

  • Tanya (Stiliana R)

    Hello, my name is Tanya and I love exploring new cultures and languages, which is the reason behind my interest in linguistics.
    A number one priority in my classes is to find the best approach towards my students in order to achieve the best possible results, while having a lot of fun, of course. Shall we start our adventure?

  • Victoria (Victoria)

    My name is Victoria and I love teaching English to English Language Learners! I taught ESL to adults in both private and government schools.
    For the past nine years I have prepared students taking IELTS, TOEFL iBT and Cambridge ESOL exams. I also have experience with translation for the business and energy sector. I look forward to speaking with you!

  • Gabbie (Gabriela)

    Hello, my name is Gabbie. Learning English may be difficult but I do believe we could make it a comfortable. if you wish to improve your English skills or having fun in an online classroom setting, sign up experience great online English learning with me!